About Sunplus

Sunplus Technology was established in August 1990. It started from the design of consumer chips. Initially, it specialized in toys, gifts and voice products for microcontroller applications, and then entered the system-on-chip technology for multimedia audio and video applications.

In order to cope with the company's growth, Sunplus Technology reorganized its organization at the end of 2005, and divided the product lines into four business groups. At the end of March 2006, the original flat panel display project was divided into professional LCD driver control chips design company, Orise Technology. In order to enable its various product business groups to exert their business performance more effectively, in December 2006, its control and peripheral business groups were further divided into Sunplus Innovation Technology; advanced business groups were divided into Sunplus mMobile Inc.; personal platform business group was divided into Sunplus mMedia Inc.; the parent company Sunplus Technology focused on the development of home entertainment platform chip solutions and core silicon intellectual property research and development. In 2012, the TV chip division was divided into S2 Technology. In 2013, the "DVD Product Center" under the Home Platform Business Group was adjusted and changed to "Vehicle Product Center", and the related assets of "STB Product Center" were sold in 2015.

Sunplus Technology is currently focusing on the research and development of automotive chip technology, mastering IC circuit design and application software design technology, using core technologies such as sub-micron technology, multimedia audio and video, single-chip microprocessor and digital signal processor (DSP), and is committed to research and development, in order to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

At present, the main products include DVD player single chip, portable DVD player single chip, in-vehicle entertainment information system chip, advanced driver assistance system chip, audio chip and other solutions.

Sunplus Group is led by Sunplus Technology, the parent company focused on home entertainment platforms, providing a full range of chip solutions from low-end to high-end, from personal to home, and from consumer to communication.

Sunplus Technology emphasizes professional division of labor, and masters quality control and wafer testing in the production process. Wafer manufacturing, cutting, packaging and testing are all entrusted to professional manufacturers with expertise. Delivery time and production are in response to small and diverse orders. In terms of wafer testing, Sunplus adopts fully automated testing equipment, and cooperates with software and hardware designed by itself to maintain high productivity and ensure production quality.

Sunplus Technology expands the market scale through the professional distributors, fully integrates external resources, and develops a broader marketing space. In addition to continuing to cultivate the developed market, it also actively develops emerging markets. In the face of fierce competition in the industry, Sunplus Technology not only actively builds core technologies and focuses on the research and development of home entertainment platform system chips, but also lays the foundation for long-term development by reinvesting in complementary businesses.

Looking forward to the future, Sunplus Technology will continue to take solid steps, steady operation and technological innovation, and from the perspective of customers first, to assist customers to provide a complete system design platform and support services, and then provide consumers with a pleasant and relaxing digital home entertainment enjoyment.