Training & Development

Sunplus supports colleagues with an open learning environment and by giving them more training and continuing education. From freshman training to professional job training, superior educational assistance that helps you to grow and learn. This lets you continue to promote your professional knowledge as well as challenge your limits. Abundant outside training courses allow you to learn the newest industrial trends. Language training allows you to open new opportunities worldwide.

Society University opens your mind, lets you learn top level industrial thinking and helps you achieve success. Management courses allow you to become a competent leader. Self-growth, communication and negotiation courses enhance your EQ, improve family and friendship interaction. We hope educational training can combine with your life and career planning. The competitive ability of an enterprise will depend on having a high level of knowledge in the 21st century. All learning about life, not only helps your life, but also creates a wonderful future for Sunplus.

Freshman Training

Helping freshman employee's learn company procedure and obtain information faster.

Job Training Philosophy

Strong moral support, core competitiveness and capability, transfer of skills and experience to colleagues and new employees, and a very low employee departure rate. Our employees realize that Sunplus is their very best opportunity.

Outside Training

Sunplus provides outside training course fees and gives more course information to encourage employees to continue their professional training.

Language Training

English and Japanese courses help you learn foreign languages and open new international opportunities and global viewpoints.

Management Training

Attention to manager requirements and the company's future aims, Sunplus organizes a series of leadership and management courses allowing the development of excellent management skills to lead the Sunplus crew in continued growth.


Sunplus opens self-growth courses, taught by experienced teachers.

Society University

Combining Sunplus and top enterprises in different industrial fields to collect their core abilities and strong competitiveness to make up an educational strategy alliance. Society University allows colleagues to learn, grow and create a positive future using different industrial thinking and methods.